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Welcome to Fairey Marine

Builders and Restorers of Classic Motor Yachts
Breathing new life into the iconic Fairey marque using a combination of traditional skills and modern technology

Few names in the world of Powerboating evoke as much emotion and longing for a golden era long since gone as Fairey Marine. For much of the 20th century, affluent and often well-connected amateurs could race their motor cars one day, and their Faireys the next, revelling in the speed, excitement and competition provided by both. Fine summer days were also ideal for excursions with friends and family. Like all thoroughbreds, Faireys were at their best when at full throttle!


In the forty years since production of these iconic British motorboats ceased the Fairey spirit has been kept alive by enthusiastic owners and dedicated craftsmen maintaining and restoring the remaining craft. However, in 2017 production of new boats faithful to the original designs has begun again.

Built using a combination of current and traditional boatbuilding techniques and materials, coupled with modern electrical, propulsion and safety systems, discerning owners will once again be able to acquire classic designs such as the Huntress, Huntsman, Swordsman and Spearfish, as well as the newly designed Sabre 6m. Every vessel fully customised to meet their exact specifications and requirements, giving them a well manicured motorboat of not just style but proven substance.


With interest in the marque having grown in recent years as individuals increasingly look for leisure pursuits that offer a more equal partnership between man and machine than today’s technology-led products, Fairey Marine Ltd has started production of limited numbers of selected designs.

So, if you are looking for a modern classic performance day boat or superyacht tender that will turn heads and inspire nostalgia and envy in all who see it, then you are probably looking for a Fairey Marine powerboat.

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