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There is a well known saying ‘its all in the preparation’ which certainly applies in abundance with Fairey Marine motor boats. Since the first motor boat created in 1958 the companies aim was to build vessels of unrivalled craftsmanship, sea keeping and performance, built by hand to exacting standards with a stunning eye for detail.

All Fairey Marine boats are expertly built combining all the elements of handmade traditional boat building, intertwined with modern technology. Starting with in depth client input, before moving on to a highly accurate computer aided design model that allows the client to articulate their requirements into a totally bespoke and tailored motor yacht.

Our motor boats are uniquely individual, recognisable in a single glance.

We manufacture utilising sustainably sourced high quality and environmentally conscious construction materials. Internally our motor boats are crafted in carefully selected hardwoods and veneers, finished in deep lustre lacquers, combined with hand made upholstery and soft linings.

High quality and custom made fittings are sourced and fitted throughout, with the exterior finished in modern paint systems in an endless range of colours, partnered with tried and trusted traditional gloss varnish.

Crafting our vessels entirely by hand we take enormous pride in every step of the build process which results in a finish only achievable through years of experience, a product not only pleasing to the eye but delights the senses with proven pedigree in a variety of sea conditions. With endless customisation options we produce a unique bespoke motor yacht that encompasses the true DNA of this iconic British brand whilst exceeding our client’s expectations.

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